New Equipment

We offer a full range of new farm equipment from Massey-Ferguson, BCS and more. Call or email for an updated list of new farm equipment available. We can also help you order a custom tractor to fit your needs and have it delivered to you from the factory.

Lawn & Garden Equipment

Cub Cadet Lawn Tractors

  • We carry the full XT line of Cub Cadet Lawn Tractors
  • Bluetooth equipped models
  • Three deck styles
  • Variations for all terrain and lawn sizes

BCS Tractors

  • The BCS tractor is the power source that operates the range of attachments suited to your needs and circumstance.
  • Harvester Series horsepower ranges from 5.7 (Model 710) to 8 (722); and have two working speeds in both directions with a third transport speed in rear-mount “tiller” mode.
  • The BCS Professional Series offers additional power, versatility and attributes. Built for a wider range of attachments, the Professional models feature Differential Drive for turn-on-a-dime maneuverability.
  • PowerSafe (PS) models 739, 749 and 750 differ from the standard models with a hydro-mechanical “wet” clutch, designed for longer clutch life, smoother shifting and safer operation.


Massey-Ferguson Tractors

  • Subcompact
    • GC1700 Series: Whether you’re a residential customer or a seasoned professional, you’ll be impressed by how the GC1700 Series stacks up to its sub-compact competition.
  • Compact
    • Massey Ferguson 1526: Truly a versatile workhorse — only better. The 1526 can handle your mower and loader work, and the mid PTO is perfect for snow applications.
    • 1700E Series: Every Massey Ferguson is chock full of innovation, and the 1700E is no exception. These 4WD tractors with standard rear 540 PTO and 3-point hitch deliver more than you’d expect from economy models.
    • 1700 Series Premium:  The 1700 Series Premium Compact lets you experience best-in-class power, comfort, convenience, and control.
  • Utility
    • 2600H Series: Whether you’re a full or part-time farmer, landscaper, contractor or just someone who needs to get things done, a 2600H Series tractor is your ideal partner.
    • 2600 Series: The 2600 combines innovation with legendary dependability for a tough little tractor that’s ready to go when you are.
    • 2700E Series: This tractor can handle jobs ranging from Rotary Cutting to Loader Work and beyond.
    • 4600 Series: The 4600’s 3.3L turbocharged engine is the strongest production 3-cylinder off-road diesel in the world today. In fact, this tractor is loaded with innovation.
    • 4600M Series: Working hard or playing hard, your tractor should always be comfortable.
    • 4610M HC: At Massey Ferguson, we know you need a rugged, efficient and dependable tractor. That’s why we’ve designed our 4610M HC tractor to handle all kinds of crops, like berries, broccoli, potatoes, vegetables, tobacco and sugar cane.
    • 4700 Series: It’s simple. When all the key components of a tractor are built together, they work better together.
  • Mid-Range
    • 5600 Series: From powerful engines to high visibility and totally cool technology, the 5600 Series makes short work of all kinds of farm tasks.
    • 5700 Series: When tractor components are built together, they work better together. Giving you the right level of performance and durability you need to handle any job. Over and over.
    • 5700SL Series: Our tractor components are built together, so they work better together. Giving you the right level of performance you need to handle any job.
    • 6600 Series: The 6600 is for anyone who needs high performance with excellent maneuverability and visibility. Choose from 3 packages – and get one nimble, hard-working partner.
    • 6700 Series: The new Massey Ferguson® 6700 Series tractors are unlike any mid-range we’ve ever built before, engineered from the ground up, then tested in the harshest conditions around the world, for more powerful, versatile, long-lasting operation.
    • 6700S Series: Purpose-built to be our premium mid-range tractor, the 6700S Series gives you the four-wheel power and performance you need, the comfort and easy operation you want, and the versatility to get the job done. Whatever the job may be.
  • High Horsepower Row Crop Tractors
    • 7600 Series: Choose your engine, transmission and hydraulics, then head out in the 7600 Series. It’s the versatile powerhouse that’s designed and built to stick with you through those long days in the field or around the farm.
    • 7700 Series: The Massey Ferguson 7700 series was created for farms like yours. Powerful, reliable and easy to operate, these tractors easily jump from tillage, planting and harvesting to lugging, baling and loader work.
    • 8600 Series: This is one serious tractor. The 8600 Series drive train delivers the power and torque to handle your toughest jobs. In fact, no other combination of engine and transmission is more productive or fuel-efficient.
Inquire for pricing.

Farm Implements


  • Two row corn planter
    • SP Sprint is a rigid frame vacuum planter with a simple but sturdy structure.
      Row number can be from 2 up to 8 and the row spacing normally available
      are 45 and 75 cm; anyway is possible to set the unit as narrow as 35 cm.
      Is possible to choose between 3 different units: standard, with front double disc
      or special sugarbeet unit. The strong frame is available both with front or rear
      drive wheels in widths from 190 to 600 cm.
  • Gearbox
    • The mechanical gearbox with
      pinions allow to quickly setup the target seeding distance. Totally 42 transmission ratios are available: using the different seeding plates is
      possible to achieve over 200 sowing distance in a range from 2.9 to 42 cm. Customized discs are available and allow to
      setup seed distance up to 1.5m.
  • Fertilizer
    • The distribution of fertilizer close to the seeding row reduce all the wastes and
      improves fertilization efficiency. The exclusive Minimax dosing system allows a quick and precise rating of granular fertilizer from 100 to 550 kg/ha. Plastic, painted metal or stainless steel hoppers are available in a volume range from 90 to 1000 litres.

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